I think this is my 49th track. I did a different version of nexus spill and a dnb track I didn't upload, so I'm counting those too.

Definitely reach my target of 50. Brilliant! I think it's gonna be more difficult to find coherent collections of tracks to work on and send out as demos.

Was gonna give my calloused fingers a break today, but there's a mouse roller scroller button on my pc keyboard and I realized I could use it as an expression pedal by careful placement on the floor.

So, this is FX heavy and lots of wah, with echoes sustained forever.

Goes awry at 2 minute mark but I pull it back. I suppose that's always a danger when you just play freeform, with no prep, and don't really know how to play guitar.


I wasn't feeling especially indignant, but I just read Philip Roth's wonderful book Indignation, and there was a little residual empathic indignation

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