So today's creative thing is I wrote a blog, but hey hey, before you say 'what? this dont count, you did nuffink' little do you know that I only started writing today, and all the previous entries were written just now in the present tense. The way I used 'today' all those times! Oh and I've created the character of 'you' when clearly you don't exist and no-one is reading. Hooray.

A friend said I should keep a note of what I've done and my initial reticence was only because I hate the word 'blog'. But then I'll scrobble on, tweet on twitter, and facebook on that other one. The internet knows that a stupid word is a memorable word.

Christ, I'm glad I've finished writing all these. It's taken the last hour and a half and my eyes hurt. I need to do something relaxing like play the guitar.

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