Oh yeah, Suppose I should say what I'm doing. Josie Long is doing this thing where she's spending 100 consecutive days doing something to be a better person. And encouraging others to do so. Yep, thats good explaining. Click one of those links up there to find out more.

Today, I had a piece of art on a wall in a pub. I got an email a copuple of weeks ago asking for peoples 'interpretation of an orange' winner goes on a beer bottle yadda yadda 10,000 bottles. So because I was onlione at the time I sent my entry back as quickly as possible, as a joke. No message just pow, orange. 5 minutes it took me.

Yep, thats it.

It didnt win. But it was in a shortlist of 13 out of 'nearly 200'. Some of the 13 were fucking awful, and I'm not saying that out of bitterness.

OK, so I didnt do that today so it doesn't count.

I played guitar.

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