Is it possible to remix a track you've never heard? A track that might not even exist?

This album by Boards of Canada was apparently released to friends and family and has never been leaked.

The band put a discography of unreleased albums up on their website, with album covers, track titles and duration, catalogue number etc.

Some of the titles were remarkably evocative, and me being a huge fan, used to wonder what they sounded like.

The one that stuck with me was 'Infinite Lines of Colourful Sevens', it reminded me of a simple BBC BASIC program that filled the screen with coloured words.

I managed to get a Boards of Canada-esque bass sound using buzzsaw and u-vibe mods on my guitar. Then by reversing a guitar line, and another simple guitar line played forwards. I'm really pleased with how this turned out.

sevenism - Infinite Lines Of Colourful Sevens

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