Halfway through #100days:

15 drawings/arty things
13 photos
17 tracks recorded
1 poem
1 jar of marmalade

I like those stats! Am I half-way to becoming a better person?


Actually, that's the wrong way to look at it. Being creative is important, because it's natural. As children we are always drawing and making things, and yet it's not a childish pursuit, but a human one.

Tried to go all out today, and record a track using all instruments at my disposal. But I was lying on my bed, trying to keep my eyes open, not wanting to do anything.

Glad I got up. I'm really pleased with this. So: simple bassline, fuzzy acoustic guitar, sparkly 12 string, and my out-of-tune voice humming for a bit.

It starts off like it's too slow, but once the 3 main parts are up it's ok. Reason it's slow is I wanted to add some augmented radio too (so had it at the same BPM as the echo), but it was too muffled in the mix. Listening back I should've used my voice more in this, it doesn't sound too bad. But hey, it's not bad for an hour and a half.

sevenism - halfway home

And it's an important lesson: regardless of how I feel, how little I want to do something, it's worth making the effort.

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