Finally got a microphone for my 12-string guitar. And it works nicely.

This track is really enjoyable to play, holding off the lower strings for as long as possible. I got a bit excited though, and played bits in the wrong order and it's a bit bum-notey once or twice.


I put two different types of echo on, which is why it sounds almost like a sitar.

Tried to make some whisky marmalade, but turned my back for a second and it boiled over, put the heat down, went to turn smoke alarm off, wouldn't go off, went back it had boiled over again, smoke everywhere, unset marmalade all over hobs, surfaces, washing machine, floor, and smoke alarm still going off.

Salvaged about a jar full, and when smoke had dispersed enough to re-enter kitchen, I tried again and it boiled over again. I don't have high hopes for marmalade on toast tomorrow morning.

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