This poster is always on the bus. It gets to me how bad it is.

I couldn't get a decent photo on my phone without looking weird, but it says 'no school uniforms, just great courses'. Its for a college.

The layout is bad, the faux-graffiti backdrop is pointless. There is no link between having to wear a uniform and the courses being great. Are you supposed to wear the course?

But my main gripe is the people. The girls are doing model smiles and model stances. And there is a man who appears to be wearing a school uniform. A shirt and tie. These are not students, a student is not going to wear a shirt and tie upon being told 'no school uniforms'. Those three on the right are too old to be teenage students.

Just that one on the left. Hey, they found a student. Isn't he cool, with his hair and his clothes, and his uncomfortable look? Punk Rock, that is in isn't it?

Also, recorded a quick track. Simple echoey bassline, distorted 12-string, and clean acoustic guitar. Its ok.

The Helvetica Scenario 

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