15 days left... the home stretch by my calculations..

Another part in the deadly sins project, I'm afraid. Avarice and Pride this time. I was planning to stretch these out alongside more listener-friendly music, but greed and pride presented themselves to me today. Hopefully, I won't be in throe to anger tomorrow, but if I am, at least I have something cathartic to do with it.

I was watching Amadeus and there's clear elements of pride and greed in that film (ok, it's more about envy, but I've done that one!) and my tape vid was put on the hundred days site, with some overly kind words about my music - I really don't deserve comparisons to Mogwai (Hunted by a Freak is one of my favourite ever tracks, incidentally) so, I was feeling proud.

In terms of pride and greed in the actual track, I used the augmented radio technique that I'm proud of, and I was greedy with the use of 3 separate feedback tones: the aforementioned augmented classical music low-down in the mix, a windy atmospheric drone, and an electronic analog square synth effect. Amazingly, they all work together well!

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