Proper song this. Lyrics, chords, etc.

OK, not proper really. I received a spam email and this was the message text:

"syren bike lotto.
cur qualm tardy finny!
tenth anus bunch.
rein inker tug.

echo bike syren work!
guest syren.
delve mover epic bora!
delve pilot clan scoff?

shout scat quag pore!
nexus spill.
calve bunch fled calve?
leap swear nexus.

leap doty dulse corny?
lid kotow pore.
helve widow.
anus sloe.

ilk tacky delve wrap?
scull fled blob col?
lotto zinc mark salon?
scat reedy sudd.

blob sloe mark anus?
helve tug rogue dulse?
quail psalm grass raw!

quail piano."

That was it. There was no other message text. Spam poetry. I joked to a friend ages ago that I was gonna make it onto a song, but I obviously never would. Until now.

Used the chords from 'too dark to swim', excuse my singing, and here we have a beautiful mess named after my fave line:

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