bACK.. Ohhh.. Back in my lovely cold flat, and found myself wanting to pick up my guitar. Didn't feel like a chore. hooray!

Lots of ambient echo effects on this one. Tone not dissimilar to that used on Andromeda (which listening back is pretty good), but different enough. And y'know, I only had 40 minutes to record this had to get a lovefilm back in the post and get to bed by midnight.

Where was I? Ok, yeah, this was meant to get more intricate, but I kind of ran out of time and wanted to put some 12-string, and a higher, whats the word, frequency, no, octave line in too. Sounds good anyway.

sevenism - faineant

faineant means 'disinclined to work or exertion' which does not describe me in the slightest one bit. No. It's not like I would just use a random word I like from a novel I'm reading in a hastily made track. Hmm.

Oh also, this amused me on the train. 3 notices all next to each other, and pictures, warning not to drink the water. So I wrote 'drink me' in the spirit of balance. People like balance.

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