This was never supposed to be about making music. I didn't think I'd be able to write and record tracks in an hour or two, but three-quarters of the way in and this is my (I think) 34th track. I haven't felt much like drawing, painting or writing recently, but I can always find something on the guitar. So track 34:


I didn't even realise this is pretty close to 'faineant' until after I'd recorded it and listened back. It's quite nice and acoustic and ambient, but obviously I've gotta be a bit obtuse so hid some wrong notes in there, and it's quite feedbacky. There's 5 concurrent guitar lines at times, so it can cope with the odd bum note.

Weird thing was I couldn't play this with a metronome, so goes a bit off centre sometimes. Maybe cos the echo was at a different bpm. I used a similar glittery echo to 'all that glitters'.

Does it count as plagiarism if I've plagiarised my own tunes?

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